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Adding Contacts using iPhone 4

In order to make a Skype call, you need to add the other user's Skype Name on to your contact list. The Skype Name does the job of a personal phone number, so be sure to ask for that person's Skype Name in advance.

Tap 'Contacts'

Tap to open 'Contact' at the bottom right of the Skype screen, and select 'All Contacts'.

Tap '+'

Tap the '+' sign at the top right of the 'All Contacts' window.

Search 'Skype Directory'

Tap 'Skype Directory'

Search the Skype Name to Add

A search box will appear. If you know the other user's Skype Name, you can search for it directly. If you do not know their Skype Name, you can search for it using their email address, for example.

Tap to Select User to Add

The search results will be displayed. Tap on the user you want to add.

Tap 'Add Contact'

Tap 'Add Contact' at the bottom of the screen.

Insert Message and Tap 'Send'

The content of the message box will be sent to the other user. The default message reads 'Please allow me to see when you are online', but we recommend adding your own greeting or message. The 'Contact Request' message is sent out when you tap 'Send' at the top right of the screen.

Once the other user accepts the contact request, you will be able to see their login status on your iPhone 4 Skype window.