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Setting up Video Calls

Skype also comes with a video chat function. It's a wonderful feature that allows lovers or family members to communicate across great distances, all for free.

Preparing a Webcam

Connect a webcam to your PC. A webcam usually comes with a CD to install drivers, so make sure that this is installed first.

Webcam Settings

Click 'Tools' from the Skype menu bar at the top, and select 'Options'.

skype menu bar

Click 'Video settings'

The 'Options' window will appear. Click on 'Video settings'.

video settings

Check Webcam Video Display

If video from your Webcam displays correctly, you are set. If you want to select further settings, click 'Webcam settings' to adjust things like zoom, brightness, and contrast.

webcam settings

Automatically Receive Video and Screen Sharing

You can choose to automatically receive images from a caller's webcam when they make a video call. If the 'no one' box is checked, a window will appear when you receive a call, asking whether you want to receive the other user's video.

Automatically Receive Video and Screen Sharing

Even if you have 'no one' selected, if you click 'Answer with video' when you receive a call, you will skip the window above, and the video from the other user will be displayed. The window above displays only if you click 'Answer' rather than 'Answer with video'.

call alert