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Receiving Video Calls

This explains how to answer a video call.

'Answer' vs. 'Answer with Video'

When you receive a call on Skype, a notification window will appear on your screen.

'Answer'・・・Clicking this will start a voice call. Video image from your webcam will not be sent to the other user.

'Answer with Video'・・・Click this you want to answer as a video call. Your video image will be viewable on the screen of the other user when you start talking.

call alert

Video of the other User

When a call starts, whether or not you see the video images of the other user depends on whether they clicked 'Call' or 'Video call'. When the call alert sounds, you can't tell if it is a video call or not. If you do not want the video of the other user to display automatically, you can check the 'No one' box in 'Automatically receive video and screen sharing' under 'Options'. This will prevent video from other users being displayed automatically. Please see 'Setting up Video Chat' for a detailed explanation of settings.

Start Video Calls

For video from both users to be displayed, the caller needs to make the call using 'Video call' and the recipient needs to answer using 'Answer with Video', as explained above.
The video displayed consists of the other user on top, and video of yourself at the bottom, in a smaller size.

Start Video Calls

End Video Calls

Click 'End call' to end a video call.

End Video Calls