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Removing a Contact

You can remove a user from your contact list if you no longer want to contact them. We recommend doing this in order to maintain an updated contact list.

Right Click and 'Remove from Contacts' to Delete User

Right click the user you want to delete from the left side of the Skype main page and select 'Remove from Contacts'.

Remove from Contacts

Click 'Remove'

A window will appear asking whether you want to <Remove contact>. Click 'Remove' to confirm.

Remove contact

The contact will then be removed.

Will the Contact Removed Know?

When you delete a contact, your icon will appear as offline in that person's contact list. However, the icon will have a question mark on it, and right-clicking on this will display 'Resend Contact Request' to send another contact request email. All this means that the deleted user just might be able to tell that they have been deleted from your contact list.

Resend Contact Request

A Removed User can Still Call You

If you delete a contact, you will not be able to call them unless you add them onto your contact list again. However, the other user can still phone or send you messages. If you do not want to receive any, click 'Block This Person'.