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Add Contact

To make calls to Skype users, you have to add the other person's Skype Name to your contact list. In Skype, the Skype Name does the job of a personal phone number, so be sure to ask for that person's Skype Name in advance.

Click 'Add a contact'

Click 'Add a contact' at the bottom left of the Skype main page.

contact list

Input Search Details

The <Add a contact> window will appear. If you know the Skype Name of the person you want to add to your contact list, type it in under 'Skype Name'. If you do not know the person's Skype Name, you can search for them using their name or email address.

Input Search Details

View Search Results

The photographs and Skype names of users that match your search criteria will be displayed. Click on a photograph or name to view a person's profile.

View Search Results

Check User Profile

A window with a profile of that user will open. If it is the correct person, click 'Add' on the bottom right.

Check User Profile

Send a Contact Request

Input a message that the other user will see in the contact request message, and click 'Send request'.

Send a Contact Request

Before the Contact Request is Accepted

When you send a 'contact request', that user will be added to your contact list. You will be able to call that user, but their status will be shown as offline until the user accepts your 'contact request'. (When you move your cursor over unconfirmed contacts in your contact list, you will see a 'This person has not shared their details with you' as shown below.)

contact list

Receiving Contact Requests from Other Users

Click 'Contact request'

Click the 'Contact request' button that appears to the left of the window.

skype main page

Also displayed on the Skype Icon.

'Contact requests' are also displayed as a pop up on the bottom right of the desktop.

pop up message

Dealing with Contact Requests

A 'contact request' consists of a message from the other user, as well as the following four options underneath:

'Add to Contacts'・・・click to confirm the contact request. The user will be added to your contact list, and you will be able to see their login status.

'View Profile'・・・click to view profile details of the user who sent you the contact request.

'Ignore'・・・click to decline the contact request.


'Block'・・・click to automatically block all further contact requests or calls from the user.