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Group Chat

As many as a hundred users can chat together using Skye's Group Chat function.

Setting up a Group

To start a group chat, you have to create a group. This group can also be used to make 'conference calls' between multiple users.

Select Users to Add to Group

Click on one of the users that you want to add to your group from the contact list to the left of the Skype window. Then select 'Add people' which appears to the right.

Select Users to Add to Group

Adding People

The <Add people> window will appear. Select the contacts that you want to add from the contact list to the left, and click 'Select'. (You can select multiple users by clicking while holding down the 'Ctrl' key, which lets you add many users at once).

The users selected will appear on the <People in this group> box at the right of the screen. When you have added all the members you want, click 'Add' to finish.

Chat with your New Group

You can now group chat, and those users taking part in the chat will be displayed on the top right of the screen. Enter your message into the chat box and press 'Enter' to send the message to all users in the group.

group chat

Saving the Group in Contact List

If you think you will use the newly created group again in future, we recommend saving the group.

Save Group

Click on the 'Save group in Contacts' icon on the group chat window.

save group

Name the Group

Enter a name for the group and click 'OK'.

name the group

New Group Added

The new group will be added in the contact list ('team' below, for example) and the group name to the left of the screen will also be updated.

new group added /></div>
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