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Apart from voice calls, Skype also lets you exchange instant text messages with another user. It is handy when you want to send over addresses for websites or homes, for example, as well as telephone numbers. This can be used during a voice call, but also to text chat with someone with whom you are not in a call. You can also send messages to people who are offline, so it is also useful as a way to leave someone a message.

How to use Chat (During Voice Calls)

Open the Instant Messaging Window

During the voice call, click on the mark in red to open an instant message window.

voice call

Send a Message

Write your message in the box that says 'Type a message to friend here' and press 'Enter'.

type a message

How to use Chat (Other than During Voice Calls)

Open the Chat Box

Click to select the user you want to chat with on your contact list, to the left of the Skype screen. A message box will appear to the right that says 'Type a message to friend here', so input your message, and send the message by either pressing the 'Enter' key or clicking the blue button.

chat box

Sending and Receiving Messages

Chat content is displayed on screen chronologically.

Receiving a Message while Offline

If you receive an instant message while offline, you will see an alert when you next log on, such as the one below.

Alert when Skype is Minimized

The number of unseen messages you have is shown on the Skype icon at the bottom right of the screen. The message will be displayed if you click the icon.


Alert on Skype Window

You will receive an orange alert as below. Clicking it will display the message.

Alert on Skype Window

Using Images in your Message

When instant messaging, apart from text, you can also use images called emoticons to express a range of emotions.

Click the 'Emoticon' Button

Clicking the 'Emoticon' Button by the instant message box will display various images. Click the emoticon that you want to use.