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Receiving Calls

Keep Skype Logged On

In order to receive calls using Skype, you have to keep it logged in at all times. Even if the Skype main page is not open, you can receive calls if there is a Skype icon at the bottom right of the desktop, which means that Skype is logged in.

desktop icon

Incoming Call Alert

When there is an incoming call, a window will appear on your screen to indicate this. Click 'Answer' or 'Decline' to accept or refuse the call.

If you have a webcam attached to your PC, you can click 'Answer with video' to answer as a video call. This lets the caller see video from your webcam.

Incoming Call Alert

Call Start and End

When you click 'Answer', the call window will be displayed, and you will be able to speak to the other user. When ending the call, click the 'End call' button to the bottom left. The 'End call' button and those buttons to its right will disappear after a certain time. To display the buttons again, just pass the cursor back over the call window.

call window