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Calls between Multiple Users

As many as 25 people can take part in conference calls. This includes Skype users as well as those on mobiles or landlines, so you can make conference calls to anyone, no matter if they are using Skype or not.

Two Ways to Start a Conference Call

There are several ways to create a group of users. One way is explained in "How to Create a Group" under "Group Chat", but in this page, we will explain an easier way to create a group.

Choose Users from the Contact List

Invite users to a conference call using the 'Contact List' to the right of the Skype window. Press down the 'Ctrl' key while clicking on users to select multiple users.

Choose Users from the Contact List

Click 'Call Group'

The names of selected users (other than yourself) will be displayed to the right of the window. Start the conference call by clicking the 'Call group' button.

Start the conference call