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Making Calls

This explains how to make calls to other Skype users. All calls are free, no matter how long you talk for.

Select User to Call

On the contact list to the left of the Skype window, click to select the user you want to call.

skype main page

Click 'Call'

Click the 'Call' button that appears to the right of the window when you select a user.


Outgoing Call Alert

Skype will start calling the chosen user by sending a call alert.

Outgoing Call Alert

Call Start and End

When the other user answers, their profile image on the window will get brighter, and the call will start. To finish, click 'End call' at the bottom left. The 'End call' button and those buttons to its right will disappear after a certain time. To display the buttons again, just pass the cursor back over the call window.

call start