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Call Forwarding

The call forwarding function allows you to forward calls to another Skype account, or to a landline or mobile phone number when your Skype account is offline. Forwarding calls to another Skype account is free, but there is a charge for forwarding calls to landlines or mobile phones, so you need Skype credit.

Click 'Tools' in Menu Bar

Click 'Tools' from the Skype menu bar and click 'Options'.

Click 'Calls'

The option window will open. Click 'Calls' from the side menu to the left.

options page

Click 'Call forwarding'

Next, click 'Call forwarding' to the left of the screen.

call forwarding page

Insert a Forwarding Phone Number

You can set up call forwarding at the right of this screen. First, click 'forward my calls to' and enter a forwarding phone number or Skype Name in the box below. You will need Skype Credit to forward calls to a phone number, so if you don't have any, you will only be able to enter a Skype Name.

enter a forwarding phone number

Add up to Three Forwarding Numbers

You can add up to three forwarding phone numbers or Skype Names by clicking 'Add more phone numbers'.

Add more phone numbers

Set Interval before a Call gets Forwarded

You can set this up in the section that says 'Forward calls if I do not answer within X seconds'. If you have call forwarding enabled, any calls to your Skype account when you are offline will get forwarded immediately. But even when you are logged on, the call will be forwarded to your specified number if you don't answer within the specified interval. Click 'Save' to finish.

Call forwarding is now set up.