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Download & Installation

Firstly, go to the Skype Download page!

In order to start using Skype, you have to download the software. Click on the link to the official Skype website below.

Skype download page (Version 5.3 for Windows)

Click 'Download Skype'

Once the download page is open, click 'Download Skype'.

download skype

Click 'Save and run'

You will be asked [Do you want to run or save Skypesetup.exe from] Click on 'Save' and then 'Save and run'. The screen shot below is for IE9, and may differ slightly depending on the browser you are using.


Installation and Options Settings

Once the download is complete, you will see the window below. You can click 'Options' to fix settings for installation, but the pre-existing settings work fine, so you can go ahead and click 'I agree – install' if you want to get going quicker. (Settings can also be changed after installation)

install skype

Option Settings Explained

install options

Create a desktop icon:This creates an icon on your desktop that launches Skype when clicked.

Launch Skype after installation:Skype will launch once the installation in progress is complete.

Start Skype when the computer starts up:Skype will start up automatically when your PC is turned on.

Install Skype Extras Manager:allows use of various plugins linked to Skype, but this isn't used much generally, so doesn't have to be installed.

Install Skype Plugin for X:you can set up Skype to call any telephone number that is displayed on a website, simply by clicking it. However, this isn't for free users, and the function highlights telephone numbers which can also affect content display on the screen, so we don't recommend it.

Create a New Skype Account

Once installed, the <Create a new Skype account> window will appear. Fill in the necessary information and click 'I agree - create account'.

create a new skype account

Display Name vs Skype Name

Your Skype Name is an ID that is unique to you, and is used much like a telephone number. You use it to sign in, and people use it to contact you on Skype.

Your Display Name can be used like a nickname, and can be changed in the 'Profile' settings at any time.

Skype Profile Settings

At this stage, you can automatically log on to Skype using the Skype Name created earlier. Apart from the Skype main page, you will also see a window called <Set up your Skype profile>. This can be changed later, so you can click 'OK' on the bottom right to skip ahead to the next stage.

set up your skype profile

Test your Sound (first page of Setup Wizard)

At this stage, you already have a Skype account and are logged on, so depending on your PC, you can already start making calls by attaching a microphone and headphones. However, we recommend carrying out these tests first, as they will only take a short time.

Attach Microphone & Headphones

Take a headset (which comes with both a microphone and headphones) and plug it into the computer jack or USB slot as necessary.

Sound Check

Once you click 'OK' for the Skype Profile Settings, you will see the 'Startup Wizard' window appear. Click on 'Test your sound' to check your audio setup.

Startup Wizard
Show/Hide Startup Wizard
This Startup Wizard window is set up to appear during Skype login. If you don't want it to display again, uncheck the 'Show welcome screen at startup' box. If you do this, and want the Startup Wizard again later, you can get it back by going to [Startup Wizard] under [Help] on the Skype main page.

Test Your Speakers

You will see a window called <Check your sound works>, so start by clicking 'Test speakers' under the [Speakers] column.

test speakers

If you click 'Press Me', you will hear sounds from your headphones or speakers. If you can hear these sounds, click 'Yes'.

speaker check

Test Your Microphone

Next, click 'Test microphone' to test your microphone setup.

Test microphone

Try speaking into the microphone. If your microphone is working correctly, you will see a green bar appear and shift according to the sound volume. If you can see this green bar, click 'Yes'.

This completes the sound test.

Test your Video

For those who want to make video calls, attach your webcam and click 'Test video'. For those without a webcam, skip this test by clicking on 'Make a test call'.

test video

If you can see images from your webcam on the screen, your webcam is working correctly.

Now you are all set to make video calls. Click 'Done' to finish the test.

web camera works correctly

Now, click on 'Make a test call', the final test.

make a test call

Make a Test Call

Let's use Skype to make a test call. Click 'Echo/Sound Test Service' and 'Call' in the following window to be connected to Skype's [Sound Test Service]. After the recorded message and [ping] sound, try speaking into the microphone. There will be another [ping] sound after a ten second interval. If you can hear your own voice, everything is set. This completes all the tests and you are now ready to make Skype calls.

sound test service