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Blocking Calls

On Skype, you can block unwanted contact from other users. If you block a user, you will show up as logged out all the times on that person's contact list, and they will not be able to call you.

Select User to Block

Right-click the user you want to block on your contact list, and select 'Block This Person'.

block this person

Confirm Block

A window called <Block this person> will appear. Click 'Block'.

'Remove from your Contact list'・・・Check this box if you want to remove this user from your contact list at the same time as blocking them.

'Report abuse'・・・This option alerts Skype to a nuisance user. You should check this box if you have experienced serious antisocial behavior from that person, on a par with stalking for example.

block this person

Unblocking a Person (If the User Remains on your Contact List)

Right Click the User and Select 'Unblock this Person'

If you have not removed the person from your contact list, right click on that person and click 'Unblock this person'.

Unblocking a Person (If the User is no longer on your Contact List)

Select 'Tools' and then 'Options'

On the menu bar at the top of the Skype screen, click 'Tools' and then 'Options'.


Click 'Privacy'

The Options window will open. Click 'Privacy' from the side menu to the left of the screen.

options page

Click 'Blocked contacts'

The privacy options window will open. Click 'Blocked contacts'.

blocked contacts

Select Contact and Unblock

You will see a box showing various contacts under [Blocked people]. Select the user you want to unblock, and click 'Unblock this person'. The user previously blocked will disappear from the list. Click 'Save' to finish.


The user is now unblocked.